What I Do

Over the years, I’ve collaborated on more than 2000 manuscripts—in-house and freelance. I work on scientific, creative nonfiction, and fiction manuscripts, in American and British English. Recent projects include technology articles, white papers and executive summaries, and books on mindfulness, leadership, and wisdom. Doing things well is important to me, and I like helping others succeed.

Many of the scientific and technical manuscripts I see deal with intelligent systems, machine learning and AI, astrophysics, and space technology, and others with various areas of natural science. I am interested in supporting work in the areas of biodiversity, climate science, environmental psychology and the development of human environments, sustainability, and clean, green, smart technologies that promote the well-being of life on our planet.

Client privacy: I know privacy and integrity are important to my clients. I protect the confidentiality of the information you share with me.


  •     Invest in the moment — Mindfulness series, Martin Boroson
  •     Small Planet Institute — Selected articles, Frances Moore Lappé

Memoir & Autobiography

  •     We Got the Water, by Jill Klein


  •     Julia in Flower (Julia Florida), by Alberto Ambard
  •     High Treason, by Alberto Ambard and Amelia Mondragón
  •     Columbus Day, by Alberto Ambard
  •     The Dust in Sunlight, by Christopher Rees


  •     The Power of 10, by Rugger Burke
  •     Bold Strokes, by Nancy Hillis
  •     McLuhan Misunderstood: Setting the Record Straight, by Robert K. Logan
  •     On the Veneration of Barren Saints and Virgins  (in preparation), by Nurit Stadler
  •     There’s Something I Want to Tell You: True Stories…, by Yuta Aoki
  •     Teaching Bullies, by Jennifer M. Fraser
  •     How to Make Money Homesteading, by Tim Young
  •     Start Prepping, by Tim Young

Scientific & Technical

  •     Illumination Simulation Software for the Moon’s Surface, by René Schwartz
  •     Lightcurves of the Karin family asteroids, Yoshida, Ito et al.
  •     Outer Rotation Curve of the Galaxy with VERA III…, by Nobuyuki Sakai et al.
  •     IP Video Surveillance: An Essential Guide, by Alex Lytkin
  •     The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Test Automation, by Mark Fink


  •      Comme Une Française, Language and lifestyle videos, by Géraldine Lepère

Websites & Blogs

  •      www.kyndi.com
  •      www.martinboroson.com
  •      www.smallplanet.org, selected articles
  •      www.almaobservatory.org/en/
  •      alma.mtk.nao.ac.jp/e/

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